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I don’ t use psds. And I adjust coloring every time when I giffing then close photoshop right away. So I don’t own/save any psds. If you have any specific ps questions, please come to me off-anon, I will help you with gladly if I could.

KMPlayer to get caps and then using Photoshop CS5 to edit.

Just sharpen once. 


You can search here like this

If you want a link after air quickly, come to me off-anon would be a better choice.

Usually I put a [x] behind each post, that would be the link. Please double check my original post to find out first. If not, a) I forgot. b) It’s not available online at the moment. Either way, come to me off-anon to ask for it. 

gettyimages is the best, also other ftp sources. You need to pay for it. If you’re interested in buying an account get HQ pics fast, please come off-anon to me. And here are some free sources, it might be slower but they will update to gallery eventually: {x}  {x}  {x}  {x}  {x}  {x}  {x}


a) The answer can be found in my faq. b) There are a lot anonymous messages and I prefer off-anon first. c) Tumblr ate your message. 

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I change my theme A LOT but I never delete theme credit. So you will find it somewhere in my blog.

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Yes. But normally it has to be involved Ian/Damon. 

This is a Ian Somerhalder appreciation blog, you can find everything related to him here. Interview, events, twitter tweets, photoshoots, movie, etc. And there are also tons of TVD Damon things :) 

I make my own gifs / edits, and i do like reblog other’s awesome works. So you can find them all on my tag page. Please reblog my gifs, do not repost them as u own. Thank you.

Of course you can :)